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name description author download
libly(filename _libly.js) Vimperator plugins library? suVene 2.3   3.x
smooziee At j,k key scrolling to be smooth. snaka 2.3   3.x
access_hatena Access to Hatena Sevices quickly. Masayuki KIMURA and id:hitode909 2.3   3.x
account_switcher Switch account easily. Masayuki KIMURA 2.3   3.x
adddialog Add/Delete a :dialog argument. AmaiSaeta 2.3   3.x
addhatebu.js Add Hatena Bookmark Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
Alert Displays an alert after the specified time. anekos 2.3   3.x
alias Define the alias for a command. anekos 2.3   3.x
amazon_simple_uri Copy Amazon Simple URI. from_kyushu 2.3   3.x
AmebaNow AmebaNau anekos 2.3   3.x
appendAnchor append anchors to texts look like url. SAKAI, Kazuaki 2.3   3.x
appinfo show application information hogelog 2.3   3.x
asdfghjkl; Inputting numbers by asdfghjkl; keys in hint mode. anekos 2.3   3.x
atodeyomu atodeyomu hogelog 2.3   3.x
AutoBookmark Auto update bookmark anekos 2.3   3.x
Auto focus frame Automatically focus to largest frame. anekos 2.3   3.x
Auto wildoptions Automatically toggle wildoptions=auto anekos 2.3   3.x
Auto Detect Link Find (next|previous) link, and jump. anekos 2.3   3.x
Auto Reload Watch local file, and automatically reload current page when the file is modified. anekos 2.3   3.x
Auto Source Sourcing automatically when the specified file is modified. anekos 2.3   3.x
auto_word_select_mode Add auto word select mode. snaka 2.3   3.x
autopagerize_controll controls autopagerize hogelog 2.3   3.x
autoproxychanger setting proxy pekepeke 2.3   3.x
bijin_clock Bijin Clock - 2.3   3.x Get short alias by and anekos 2.3   3.x
browser_object Map behave like text-object Trapezoid 2.3   3.x
BufferMultipeHints Open multiple hints in tabs (;F) at the same time. anekos 2.3   3.x
Caret Hint Move caret position by hint anekos 2.3   3.x
Chaika-Controller for Chika anekos 2.3   3.x
clear_privacy_data clear privacy data teramako 2.3   3.x
clock clock janus_wel 2.3   3.x
commandBookmarklet convert bookmarklets to commands halt feits 2.3   3.x
Command Menu Execute main-menu and tool-bar by ex-command. anekos 2.3   3.x
cookieManager Manage Cookies (list, remove, add/remove permission) teramako 2.3   3.x
copy copy strings from the template (like CopyURL+) teramako 2.3   3.x
cpan-search CPAN search Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
delicious_search search DeliciousBookmark and that completer teramako 2.3   3.x
direct_bookmark Direct Post to Social Bookmarks Trapezoid 2.3   3.x
echopy Echo and Copy(to clipboard) anekos 2.3   3.x
EditVimperatorFile Open vimperator files with text-editor. anekos 2.3   3.x
ePub Reader for ePub Reader addon anekos 2.3   3.x
Escape from iframe. Escape from iframe (focus to parent window). anekos 2.3   3.x
every.js to run a specified command every time at specified interval. anekos 2.3   3.x
exopen Open URL from a template pekepekesamurai 2.3   3.x
extension-manager extension manager anekos 2.3   3.x
feedSomeKeys Feed some defined key events into the Web content anekos 2.3   3.x
feedtwitpic.js Emulate push anchor of Next or Prev for twitpic. Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
forcefocuscontent force focuscontent hogelog 2.3   3.x
FoxAge2ch for FoxAge2ch addon anekos 2.3   3.x
Foxy Tunes for FoxyTunes anekos 2.3   3.x
Functions Template function Template anekos 2.3   3.x
Garbage Finder Find the taints in global(window object) anekos 2.3   3.x
gbmark.js Add Google Bookmark. Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
GMailCommando The handy commands for GMail anekos 2.3   3.x
gmap.js Get google maps URL of current machine location. Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
gmperator Vimperator plugin for Greasemonkey teramako 2.3   3.x Get shorten URL by Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
GooglePlusCommando The handy commands for Google+ anekos 2.3   3.x
google-search Google Search, and AutoComplete. Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
google-tasks.js For Google Tasks ebith 2.3   3.x
googledocs provide extended-hints modes for Google Docs janus_wel 2.3   3.x
Google Kanji Search kanji by google anekos 2.3   3.x
haiku Hatena Haiku Client mattn 2.3   3.x
Happy Happy Vimperator This plugin makes you to True Vimperatorer anekos 2.3   3.x
hash hash of file hogelog 2.3   3.x
hateDAopener Search specified Hatena::Diary snaka 2.3   3.x
hatebuWatchDog Make notify hatebu-count when specified site's hatebu-count changed. snaka 2.3   3.x
hatena-bookmark-search Hatena Bookmark UserSearch Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
hatenaStar Add Hatena Star. mattn 2.3   3.x
hatena_fotolife Generates and yanks thumbnail tags in Hatena Fotolife janus_wel 2.3   3.x
hatena_highlight Clear highlight or highlight keywords in Hatena Services. Masayuki KIMURA 2.3   3.x
hint-tombloo Hint mode for Tombloo motemen 2.3   3.x
HintsForEmbeded Add the hints mode for embedded objects. anekos 2.3   3.x
hints-yank-paste Adds "Yank element's text/html/attrs" or "Paste to element" hint mode Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
history-search-backward History search backward like UNIX shell. Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
imageextender extend image operation. janus_wel 2.3   3.x
Inspector run DOM Inspector teramako 2.3   3.x
jQueryLoader jQuery Loader anekos 2.3   3.x
jweather.js Get Japanese Weather Report Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
LivedoorClipCompleter Add the completer for Livedoor Clip anekos 2.3   3.x
ldrize_cooperation_fetch_flv Flv Downloader for Nicovideo Trapezoid 2.3   3.x
literal bmark :bmark command that can included characters such as '"' in the URL. anekos 2.3   3.x
link-opener Link Opener anekos 2.3   3.x
localkeymode assign temporary keymap pekepeke 2.3   3.x
loginManager login manager hogelog 2.3   3.x
lolipo-ojisan Chat with lolipo-ojisan. anekos 2.3   3.x
Maine Coon Make the screen larger anekos 2.3   3.x
marker_reader marker PageDown/PageUp. hogelog 2.3   3.x
matanico update Twitter status to current video/search page information and comment. janus_wel 2.3   3.x
memo Write a memo to the specified file. anekos 2.3   3.x
microUpdate Update blog more quickly. snaka 2.3   3.x
Microsoft Translator Translate with Microsoft AJAX Language API anekos 2.3   3.x
MigemizedFind Search and Highlight with Migemo. anekos 2.3   3.x
migemo-find Replace default search to migemo. Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
mkcolor Write current highlights to the specified file. anekos 2.3   3.x
Morse Morse code anekos 2.3   3.x
MPDCurrentSong Get current song for MPD anekos 2.3   3.x
Multi-execute Add the command which execute some ex-commands. anekos 2.3   3.x
multi_requester request, and the result is displayed to the buffer. suVene 2.3   3.x
MyStyle Apply my style sheet to current page. anekos 2.3   3.x
生首 Wonderful Namakubi Talker anekos 2.3   3.x
nextlink mapping "[[", "]]" by AutoPagerize XPath. suVene 2.3   3.x
nicolist ニコニコ動画のマイリストを操作します ebith 2.3   3.x
notifier change notice framework. suVene 2.3   3.x
nume Make numeronymized text. anekos 2.3   3.x
onclick.js Emulate onClick event. Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
openframe-command Add openframe command. anekos 2.3   3.x
opener URL 移動時にそのURLが既に開かれていたら、そのタブに移動する voidy21 2.3   3.x
Option Selector Select a option of the select element. anekos 2.3   3.x
options-migrate-user-pref options migrate user_pref Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
pino Open livedoor Reader pinned items snaka 2.3   3.x
pixiv.js Download image from pixiv Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
pluginManager Manage Vimperator Plugins teramako 2.3   3.x
Plugin Loader to load plugins from specified directory at starting up Vimperator. anekos 2.3   3.x
prevent_focus_ietab This plugin prevents focusing IETab automaticaly. snaka 2.3   3.x
PropertyPanel Show a object in Property Panel. anekos 2.3   3.x
pypi Add a pypi command gawel 2.3   3.x
Read Cat Later Read it later anekos 2.3   3.x
readitlater Read it Later を快適に使うためのプラグインです ninja.tottori 2.3   3.x
refcontrol control referrer pekepeke 2.3   3.x
refe refe (Ruby reference) for vimperator anekos 2.3   3.x
relatedBlogSearch Show/Open related blog teramako 2.3   3.x
removetabs RemoveTabs fifnel 2.3   3.x
mkreport Write current information to the specified file anekos 2.3   3.x
resizable_textarea Allows you to resize textareas. suVene 2.3   3.x
retweet ReTweet This Page. from_kyushu 2.3   3.x
Reveal Image Reveal IE Ctrl-A images. anekos 2.3   3.x
SBM Comments Viewer List show Social Bookmark Comments 2.3   3.x
scalapi Scala API document Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
scenario-actor browser act scenario semi-automatic. hogelog 2.3   3.x
session-manager for Session Manager Addon anekos 2.3   3.x
simg.js Save image on contents area Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
Slideshare Controll slideshare's slide. anekos 2.3   3.x
SpatialNavigation Spatial navigation 2.3   3.x
Stat Stat Show information on statusline. anekos 2.3   3.x
statusbar panel Click statusbar panel wlt 2.3   3.x
Stella For Niconico/YouTube/Vimeo, Add control commands and information display(on status line). anekos 2.3   3.x
stylish stylish hogelog 2.3   3.x
subscldr Adds subscriptions to livedoor Reader/Fastladder in place. snaka 2.3   3.x
TabHistory Go back/forward the tab selection history teramako 2.3   3.x
tabmixplus add some tabmixplus commands hogelog 2.3   3.x
tabsort Add ":tabsort" and ":tabuniq" command. anekos 2.3   3.x
tada Show ToDo items in commandline buffer. Also add item to your Ta-da list. snaka 2.3   3.x
takahashiPresentation simple takahashi-method presentation tool hogelog 2.3   3.x
tinymenu Tiny Menu for Vimperator Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
tinyurl TinyURL from Vimperator hogelog 2.3   3.x
togglecontextgithub.js Toggle context exchange box on github Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
togglepixiv.js Toggle pixiv's login box Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
tohex.js Get hex value from string Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
tombloo Tombloo integrate plugin Trapezoid 2.3   3.x
translaten Automatically translate by clipboard changes anekos 2.3   3.x
Twittperator Twitter Client using OAuth and Streaming API teramako 2.3   3.x
twopen open pages relative to the twitter id Jagua 2.3   3.x
UserAgentSwitcherLite switch user agent pekepeke 2.3   3.x
Exchange Converter for exchangeconvertion anekos 2.3   3.x
unicode Copy the escaped-unicode text to the clipboard. anekos 2.3   3.x
unloadTab Unload tab contents like (BarTab) teramako 2.3   3.x
usi.js for Remember The Milk. anekos 2.3   3.x
uuid UUID generator hogelog 2.3   3.x
VideoController Control HTML5 Videos anekos 2.3   3.x
vimp_to_android_phone Send to your Android Phone Yuichi Tateno 2.3   3.x
Walk-Input The focus walks 'input' and 'textarea' element. Takayama Fumihiko 2.3   3.x
watchizu.js Get Watchizu URL of current machine location Mitsugu Oyama 2.3   3.x
Win Cursor Cursor control plugin for MS Windows anekos 2.3   3.x
X-Hint Show the hints with given XPath. anekos 2.3   3.x
xpath_hint add "get element's XPath" hint mode hogelog 2.3   3.x
Yet Mappings Display the keys that are not mapped yet. anekos 2.3   3.x
ZoomEmAll Zoom or pan for whole firefox. anekos 2.3   3.x
跳.jp 跳ねます anekos 2.3   3.x

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